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Company Profile

BEL Trade Solusyon Inc., is a growing Filipino company engaged in a distribution of highly competitive Products. Our company was founded by a group of young dynamic professionals with profound enthusiasm and determination towards better life. The company provides you the avenue of income opportunities by spending and earning from you daily basic needs.


Envision a community of prosperous and self sufficient individual by being the leader in the distribution of quality products.


BEL Trade aims to:

  • Improve the welbeing of individual & family.
  • Provide the best services.
  • To produce and promote Safe,Heallthy and Affordable products.
  • To support the Sustainable Livelihood Program(SLP) of the Government to the poor, vulnerable and marginalized households and individuals.


  • To help reduce & eventually solve the following challenges:
    • Health & Sanitaion
    • Unemployment



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